Capital can become your AUG Licence partner to support your expansion into Germany.

Are you considering expanding into Germany and want to offer an AUG solution to your clients, but don’t want the hassle of obtaining and managing your own AUG licence?

AUG is one of the solutions German employers use to resource a flexible workforce, but many recruitment agencies are unable to provide this solution. In addition, understanding the compliance issues and then selling the idea of an employed solution to an independent contractor can be challenging. Making placements via an AUG Licence is complex and there is a danger of it being fraught with complications if you have limited experience recruiting for or working within the German market.

This is why Capital International has developed a unique offering for recruitment agencies wanting to offer an AUG solution in Germany.

Are you a recruitment company that is:

  1. Looking to strengthen your existing recruitment services to Germany by offering candidates via an AUG Licence holder?
  2. Looking to expand into a new international market?
  3. Looking to supply British contractors to Germany following Brexit?

How can we help?

Capital International is offering to partner with other recruitment agencies to assist in the supply of labour to Germany through our AUG solution. We are experienced in handling AUG and have been doing so since 2009, so we are well-placed to help you stay 100% compliant when placing candidates in Germany.  


In 2019 we opened our German branch in Bremen. This means that we are prepared whatever the final result of Brexit, and will continue to be able to supply workers to Germany. Partner with us to supply contractors where an AUG licence is required by your clients. We can help with Blue Card applications as well as European security clearance and ensure that your business is Brexit-proofed!

Benefits for your recruitment company

  • Retain control over your relationship with clients & candidates, as well as your recruitment process
  • No need to obtain an AUG licence
  • No need to run a separate German payroll
  • No need to employ German lawyers and accountants

Why should recruitment companies offer an AUG solution?

Many German companies will only recruit their flexible workforce via an AUG licence holder. For contractors, AUG negates the need for any invoicing or mastering the intricacies of the German tax system whilst ensuring they are fully compliant. 

AUG is an employment solution with holiday, sick pay and a monthly salary applied.  However, the traditional concept of applying an hourly rate is maintained by paying a monthly salary and then applying a “bonus” payment on top.  All German taxes and social security payments are taken care of at source and the contractor receives a net pay on a monthly basis.

Although AUG is a complex system if you have not dealt with it before, with our support and training we are confident that you will successfully “sell” the concept to your contractors!

We will take care of all this for you! If you would like advice or guidance on how you can offer an AUG solution to your clients, contact Capital International today.