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Candidate referral scheme

If you are working with someone you think would benefit from talking to us about their career aspirations, whether it’s permanent or contract then get them to send their CV or give us a call. We in turn love to thank our Capital ‘ambassadors’ via the following scheme.

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For a placement whether contract or permanent

For both Contract and Permanent placements the reward is claimable after the individual has successfully completed 3 months’ work from start date.

€/$/£25 e Voucher

On receiving the contact details (minimum mobile number and email address) which results in a referral CV of an individual with a relevant skills, then claimable immediately.


For a Transfer Placement (Contract Only)

If you know someone who wants to change their current agency and on your recommendation they transfer to Capital then the reward is claimable after the individual has successfully completed 3 months’s work from transfer date.

Multiple referral placements:

If you recommend multiple people who are placed within a rolling 6 month period and as each successfully completes 3 month’s work the following reward is claimable.

1st referred placement
2nd referred placement
3rd referred placement
4th referred placement
5th referred placement
5th referred placement

Terms and conditions

The candidate should not be currently ‘active’ with Capital. For example, we should not have received an updated CV in the past 12 months, and Capital should not have contacted them either via email or telephone in the past 6 months.
The €/$/£250 placement reward is payable after the candidate has been in their role for a minimum of 12 weeks. 
It is possible to receive the €/$/£25 reward for the CV registration and then the €/$/£250 placement reward. The transfer Placement can be ‘active’ with Capital at the time of referral.
The Candidate must have given permission for their details to be shared with Capital.

The currency of  the reward can be chosen between euros (€), US dollars ($), or pound sterling (£). The numerical value remains the same regardless of currency. For example, the reward can be €25, $25, or £25. 
Capital is unable to make cash payments to individuals for tax reasons. We therefore require an invoice for the value of the referral including VAT where applicable.
Alternatively, individuals may claim online vouchers up to the value of the referral reward. The choice of voucher provider will be agreed with the individual.