Staying Compliant in Recruitment

Does your recruitment company take compliance seriously?

The recruitment industry undergoes regular legislation changes and updates, and it’s not only the responsibility of the recruitment consultant¬†but also the employer to ensure their company is aware of and implementing any regulatory changes. Staying on top of compliance alterations demonstrates utmost professionalism and that you are seeking to protect your own staff throughout the recruitment process.

A good recruitment company will work with clients to put processes in place to stay compliant. At Capital, we take compliance extremely seriously and are constantly striving to develop our policy in line with the latest changes in every country we work in.

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What should you consider to stay compliant?

When it comes to staying compliant in recruitment, there are a number of things to consider. With pages and pages of documentation, it’s easy to see how it can overwhelm many companies. We have put together a quick snapshot of some of the points we believe employers should think about to ensure they stay compliant.

Staying Compliant in Recruitment

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