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The prospect of moving to Germany for an engineering job can be daunting. We have many candidates who are nervous about pursuing a career in another country. It’s understandable! But working in Germany can offer a wealth of opportunities and elevate your career to new heights…

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What is AUG – Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz?

AUG is a German labour leasing licence system which is being increasingly adopted by companies to ensure that all their contractors are working compliantly under the German tax system. AUG protects contractors from any infringements of German tax law.

How does AUG work?

Capital International effectively employs contractors for the duration of the contract under the AUG licence.  When working under AUG a contractor is paid a NET monthly salary, and Capital takes care of all of the German tax and social security contributions within the hourly rate negotiated at the start of the contract.

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AUG Explained
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