We choose clarity and timeliness for payment processes and communication

The candidate

All our contractors.

The challenge

To ensure payments are made swiftly and accurately.

The solution

We have stringent processes governing the handling of invoices and payments. However, we recognise that we are dealing with contractors who need access to their main source of income in an efficient and timely way. We explain our system clearly, ease the administrative burden, answer queries promptly and ensure that our contractors feel valued.

The approach

In an ideal world, we receive bank details with contract paperwork. However, we are happy to respond to a quick email before the start of a contract, if work is due to commence immediately. With this notice, we are able to ensure that first payments are transferred smoothly and without delay.

We encourage contractors to send in their authorised timesheets and accurate invoices within agreed timeframes. We make the submission process quicker and easier by accepting emailed documents, cutting out the need for lengthy postal deliveries with no guarantee of receipt. We acknowledge receipt of emails, boosting confidence in prompt processing and payments.

If there are any issues, we listen to our contractors’ concerns. It is our policy to deal with any queries within 24 hours and keep our contractors informed of any actions and the expected resolution time frame.

The outcomes

  • Capital International is delighted to boast a high retention rate of satisfied contractors.
  • Our clients can be confident that payments are processed accurately and promptly.
  • We always remember we have two customers; the client and the contractor.
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Here’s what our contractors and clients have to say:

“I would like to take this opportunity to say that you have been very helpful during this contract, always answering my queries quickly and accurately (if only all agents were like this) and am very grateful for the help you have provided in processing my invoices (especially at the beginning when I was struggling financially).”
“May I also take this opportunity of thanking you for your swift response to all of the issues. I will certainly make sure that all of our hiring managers are aware of the excellent service you are providing to us.”
“I would just like to say a BIG thanks to you and your team for the support over the years and, who knows? Hopefully, I will be contracting with you again.”

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