There has obviously been a great amount of upheaval and confusion in the journey towards Brexit, and this will undoubtedly continue over the coming months.

However, do not let this stop you from considering a role in Europe. We already place people outside of the EU, and have found solutions to ensure that we will still be able to work within Europe effectively and efficiently, whatever the outcome. Capital has branches in Germany and the Netherlands, giving us secure European bases from which we can operate.

Check out what Karen Silk, Director of Capital International, has to say on the subject in the video below:

“If we get to the point where we are no longer in Europe, this is not a problem. We have solutions that are tax efficient and compliant throughout the world.

Do not let Brexit stop you moving your careers forward. We have been working in Europe since 1993, and over that huge period of time there have been many changes, and each time we find the solutions, we move forward and everyone can still enjoy careers outside of the UK.”

Karen SilkCapital International Staffing

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