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We’ll persist when things don’t go to plan

The client

A leading defence electronics company and one of our major accounts.

The challenge

To identify a highly-qualified engineer with both the expertise and soft skills to prosper in a business-critical secondment. The appointment required approval from both our client and their customer. The complication? Unforeseen circumstances delayed the project, time and again. Our client was forced to release the successfully recruited candidate – on three occasions.

The solution

We maintained close contact with both our client and our candidates throughout this tricky process. In spite of the fact that the high profile role required an exceptional candidate, we were able to supply our client with an engineer who made the grade on three separate occasions.

The approach

We utilised both our online and offline reach to cast the net wide and then used our industry experts to filter our results, meaning we could guarantee high calibre candidates, each and every time.

We communicated clearly and regularly with both the client and candidates throughout this challenging task. We were able to find new opportunities for released candidates and persist with the recruitment until we eventually placed our final candidate on an 18-month contract.

The outcomes

  • Our client acknowledged our commitment to a demanding project and commended us for our persistence and valued our continued support.
  • We remain a partner of choice for all this client’s technical recruitment.
  • We were able to maintain good relationships and find alternative work for disappointed candidates.
  • We proved that even when things don’t go to plan, we’ll be on hand to help every step of the way.
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