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The candidate

Jon had moved to Bremen in Germany permanently. He was extremely interested in a satellite job role within a nearby large satellite development company. The business had recently become a world player and key partner to the European Space Agency.

The challenge

The satellite job position offered an exceptional career opportunity and would enable our candidate to transfer into a new, exciting industry. The only problem? It would mean forgoing his permanent job for a contract. Jon had just relocated his family. He was understandably concerned that the move, attractive as it was, would jeopardise his job security.

The solution

Given that the candidate and client were so well-matched, Capital International got to work on devising a solution. We explained the benefits of a contract to permanent option to both our client and candidate. Through detailed discussions and email correspondence, we were able to make the case to the client for hiring our candidate as a contractor with a view to keeping his expertise in-house permanently. Our candidate would serve a probation period paid at a contract rate to compensate for the initial risk, but work towards the goal of becoming a permanent employee.

The approach

We communicated clearly to ensure that all parties understood the principles behind the engagement and the candidate’s desire for a long-term satellite job career with the client.  The process was meticulously documented with a contractual agreement approved and signed by all involved.

The outcomes

  • Jon joined as a contractor and flew through his probation period. He is now a permanent full-time employee with our client and lives locally with his family.
  • The client has benefited from learning about new ways to secure staff, thereby widening their access to a talent pool, which includes experts seeking permanent positions.
  • Since Jon has joined the client, the company has continued to grow and thrive.
  • Capital International was able to show how clever tweaks to a contractual agreement can benefit both candidate and client and how transparent communication can bring about a mutually beneficial and successful placement.
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The last word belongs to Jon:

“Thanks for all the help during the last five months. Please pass on my sincerest thanks to all who dealt with me at Capital; thanks for the very professional way of working and courteous, prompt replies to all questions. I wish you all the very best of luck in the future.”

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