Senior Quality Engineer

Senior Engineer
Helping match career goals to life goals

The candidate

Roy is a senior engineer. He approached Capital International whilst working in the Midlands for a large company as a Business Improvement Manager.

The challenge

Roy was keen to relocate to the South West to be closer to extended family and was interested in striking a more positive work/ life balance. Circumstances, colleague’s sickness and lack of staff had meant that he was regularly working between 50 and 70 hours per week. With a wife and young children, this arrangement understandably proved to be a strain on the family and had an adverse impact on his job satisfaction.

We listened to Roy and established that he was keen to find a career with good prospects within an exciting and dynamic work environment. We knew that he would particularly value opportunities, where additional hours worked when business needs demanded were rewarded with greater flexibility during times with regular workload.

The solution

Our recruitment adviser was quick to make the match between Roy’s aspirations and outlook and the working culture at one of our clients. Based in the South West, they develop, deliver and support cutting-edge aerospace and defence systems. They offer inspirational office space, a casual business dress code and operate flexible working with core hours between 9.30am and 3.30pm. Employees are trusted to get the job done and, in turn, are committed to ensuring that the company flourishes.

The approach

One-to-one consultations are key to our success. Whether face-to-face, via Skype or on the phone, it is crucial for our experts to establish exactly what makes each candidate tick. We need to know priorities, deal breakers and build a picture of ideal opportunities. We collaborate with eager graduates keen for challenging work, senior management looking for the next leap up the ladder, those highly-motivated by money, kudos or travel and others seeking specific experience or more flexible working. Once we establish what our candidates are looking for, we are confident we can find the right placement for them.

The outcomes

  • We were able to secure an excellent role for Roy. The move has exceeded his expectations. The company has been supportive and flexible with regard to relocation arrangements and family commitments.
  • Our client is pleased to recruit a senior engineer employee who brings invaluable expertise and is perfectly suited to their working culture.
  • Capital International remains committed to finding technical engineers the right post for their specific circumstances. Keeping careers on track and lives lived well.
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Here’s what Roy has to say:

“I would like to say that the services provided by Capital International have been carried out in a friendly, courteous, professional and efficient way. I have enjoyed the good, stress-free communication and I would highly recommend Capital!
Many, many thanks for your help and support.”

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